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  • Need a little advice...

    A friend of mine just passed along to me a copy of Edius 2.5, and a DVStorm 2 Pro card (with Stormbay). As someone who does video work for a church and only has need for standard def at the moment, I thought it would work well. After mucking with Edius over the last couple of days, I'm a convert to the software. Even at 2.5, it rocks, as I'm sure you all know.

    I'm running everything in Vista. There are a few interface quirks (things don't always redraw correctly, the checkboxes are all ticked, etc) but nothing that's a showstopper. With some tinkering I even managed to get Boris Red 4 working with it, which was very cool.

    However, I've run into a bit of an issue. Aside from the issue where Edius seems to be deactivating itself (hopefully 27 days will be enough time to get that one sorted!) I've read on here that DVStorm cards don't work under Vista. So, I'm faced with either dual booting to XP, shifting my video software over and losing some memory, or finding a solution that'll allow things to work under Vista. The idea of installing XP after Vista doesn't exactly get me excited, either.

    So.. anyone have any ideas? ;) Before anyone suggests it- I have considered upgrading, but there are no cheap upgrade solutions for 2.5 owners, and the newer lower-end cards don't seem to be as good against the DVStorm 2 Pro, for SD editing... at least as far as I can see.

    Thanks for any ideas, suggestions, etc.

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    Joel, How about a detailed description about your current system.

    An upgrade to Edius 5 gets you a lot of tools and refinements compared to 2.5. It would have been nice for GV to have the earlier versions of Edius 4.xx downloads work with the Edius 5 dongle. People with Storm & RexRT cards could actually run 4.24 under XP and have a great SD editing system and when they are ready to build a new system they could move onto Edius 5. There are still a ton of these systems still out there and they are stuck if they did not purchase 4.xx when it was available. If they spent the money to upgrade to 5, it would be nice to be grandfathered for earlier versions.

    You can run Edius 5 for SD editing with a simple OHCI port. Any of the ADVC line of converters will let you have analog I/O. But keep in mind that version 5 has demands in other areas of the system that depending on your system may feel like a step backwards. So give us the details and we will then advise.
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      Thanks gdame. I like the idea of making 4.24 available. It'd certainly make joining the Edius family a lot easier! However, I'm yet to see a company do something like that, so I won't hold my breath for that one ;)

      I'm running a quad-core system, (Q6600) with 4gigs of ram, and Nvidia GTX260. Do you need a more detailed description? If so, just let me know. Although I've mucked with quite a few editors/compositors, I'm completely new to editing hardware, so I'm not completely sure of what an OHCI port actually is (not having had a solid look at the DVStorm card yet).

      EDIT: Sorry, I thought for a moment there you were saying GV should make version 4 of Edius available for nothing :) My mistake.


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        OHCI is firewire.
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          Ah, I see... Open Host Controller Interface. Thanks tingsern.