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WaveForm doesn't seem to come on

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  • WaveForm doesn't seem to come on

    Hi all,

    Thanks for all the help so far. I'm feeling like I can almost use this editing program over Premiere now.

    One issue I have though is that when I drag a clip to the timeline, the audio does not seem to have its own generated waveform. It appears as audio directly under the video I placed in the video category. Thus, I cannot edit the audio properly with fade ins, outs, raises and drops etc.

    In order for me to see the audio waveform I have to drag another instance of the clip to the audio section of the timeline and then a waveform is generated.

    In premiere I was able to just drag and drop the selected clip and the audio would go to the audio section and the video would go to the video section. Is there any way possible to make this happen in Edius?


    P.S. Is it possible to have Edius link with other programs? For example in Premiere, if I wanted to edit some sound in Soundbooth, I could right click the track in Premiere and there was an option to send it to Soundbooth. It worked the same way for still images and photoshop as well.
    Is there any way to have Edius have these options somehow(for the very least, open the specified types of files in a program of choice option)?

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    make sure the little triangle on the left of the audio track is facing down (expanded) then the waveform will show

    sometimes you need to go to audio properties and click refresh waveform

    you can also make it higher
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    Anton Strauss
    Antons Video Productions - Sydney

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      Ah, there we go. I press the triangle for the VA options like your video showed and I am now getting the waveform (it also generated when I did this).

      Thanks man. This is closer becoming the editing tool of choice for me over Premiere.

      Now if I can only find a way to make Edius open Soundbooth and Photoshop for elements I am editing. (Right now my solution is to open the location they are located and then open the item with 'open with' options.


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        Alt + S

        Alt + S will also show the waveform