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Error when updating to 5.01 on Vista

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  • Error when updating to 5.01 on Vista

    I am trying to install the 5.01 update on a vista system and I get this dialog box after opening the downloaded 5.01 set up wizard:


    Some applications under starting. Please terminate these applications. (EDIUS.exe)

    But Edius isn't open. What does "applications under starting" mean? I am new to Vista so maybe I am missing something... Can you help?

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    xdselect is still running. close it.
    This starts when you run EDIUS.

    Or restart pc don't run EDIUS and install the 5.01 update.
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      I restarted with the same results - Nothing appeared to be running (nothing on the task bar) when I looked at the task manager. It showed that I had Edius .exe working... I don't know how or what it was doing and I don't know why it was doing it but Edius was operating. I ended the task in the task manager and tried again - this time it was the XD select - I did the same and finally the update proceeded.

      So does anyone know what EDius is doing when there is nothing on the task bar but it shows up as running in the task manager?

      Thanks for the help!