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    I need a solution for my question and, therefore, your assistance, please!

    I would like to have a public folder on a server (under intranet) that could be watched by Edius on every workstation, so that everytime Edius starts and a new project is created, the watch folder automatically inserts the files into it.

    The thing is... Watch Folder don't add files as they are already in the folder... only if there's any change on the file, or if there are new files in the folder.

    I have to configure about 70 workstations to automatically insert a common folder on the projects, so that they became availbable in the bin since the moment you create a project.
    I know I can configure all the machines to watch for the network folder and after, with the watch running, paste the files inside it, so that every computer can list it. But when I create a new project, it doesn't show the watch folder inside the bin...!

    How can I work this out?


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    you can import and export bins full of files - this sounds like a good solution for you


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      Indeed, it's a good solution. I've tested it and it works great...! However, that will be just a part of my problem!
      I have around 70 people, who aren't video editors, and I need to develop the easiest workflow without a CMS!

      My thought: A public folder with usage restrictions (only Read is available), full of ETL files (with graphics adressed to the public folder) and a EBD file with the file list. This way, everybody can import the EBD or import the files manually, use them, save as with another filename, and avoid destroying the originals!