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Installing Ediusv5

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  • Installing Ediusv5

    I have Edius2.5 on my machine I have now bought Ediusv5 and wish to install it on the same machine. Ediusv5 will delete Edius 2.5.

    Question will the projects I now have on the Machine come up in Ediusv5

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    In general Edius was always able to open previous project with no problem, but never tested a jump in so many versions.

    You could install Edius 5 and just try it out, you can always install 2.5 back again in case it doesn't work.

    As long as you remember that in case you want to use the old project again in a older version of Edius DO NOT SAFE IT in Edius ver. 5, INSTEAD USE SAFE AS, otherwise you won't be able to open it anymore in a lower / older version of Edius.

    If you have the software to do so, make an Image of your boot drive / partition so that incase of any problems you can revert back to your image.

    p.s. there have been issues to import projects from version 4, some of the footage could not be re-linked successfully, so make sure that "if" you can import the version 2.5 project use safe as, with another name, better safe than sorry ...........


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      ediusv5 installed

      thanks for the Info. Although I did not get the sequence back. Edius v5 recognized the footage stored and the rendered sequence