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Cannot import MXF files from Firestore.

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  • Cannot import MXF files from Firestore.

    I recorded onto Firestore. I imported the files onto my harddrive and could import them into both Edius and PPRO with Raylight and could watch them. But since the files were all disorganized I went back and used the "organize P2" function on the Firestore.

    Now I cannot the files into either program. I get a popup box that says "improper file hande".

    Anyone else have this problem?
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    With all due respect, the guy at Focus Enhancements who told you only Avid and FCP have P2 support is an idiot.

    If you are recording onto an FS-100 and working with the footage without using "ORGANIZE P2" and somehow shoehorning it into Eidus using Raylight, you are not following any workflow I've ever heard of or outlined in any manual.

    The proper way to do all of this is to use the "ORGANIZE P2" option on the FS-100 when you are done recording, and then import that using "P2 Select" in Edius. You can either have "P2 Select" copy the files off the FS-100 for you, or you can copy them yourself and just have them added to the bin in their current location.
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      Wouldn't be a cool feature if Edius also had a way to read and organize the data from the firestore drives?

      A feature request maybe?
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        It also would be cool if Focus Enhancements had a utility that people could run on their PCs or Macs and perform the equivalent of the "ORGANIZE P2" command. However, they don't document their proprietary internal recording format.

        I've seen many instances where people with FS-100's didn't read the manual, copied the contents off the drive to their computer, reformatted the FS-100, and then tried in vain to make sense of the jumble of files. The only way to solve this is to copy the files back to the FS-100, use "ORGANIZE P2", and then copy the files off the unit.