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OFFLINE/ONLINE I declare my self stupid in advance

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  • CentralEurope
    keyword: PROXY editing

    Source: other thread from today
    in a better english as mine....*g*

    this is called PROXY editing - u work with a low resolution version of the file which only uses the hi-res version for rendering.

    It is also called OFF-line working -and you will notice in the HQ codec options there is one called OFF LINE for exactly this - but its yet to be implemented.

    SONY EX3 is a good example of a camera that makes proxy files for you as you film!

    if u convert to Canopus HQ OFFLINE quality all the clips - u can edit them in one folder then relink the final project to the AVCHD files in another folder - Ive never done this so dont know the finer details - why not expermient

    the key is the relinking files from offline (canopus low res) to online (AVCHD)
    note CentralEurope: or relinking files from offline (canopus low res) to other "online Hi Res" fortmat's = HQ fine \ losless \ uncompressed

    typical area of application:
    first cut\edit from a project on a poor laptop .... in the "fields" or at home
    final edit from this project on the high-end workstation (behind relink) ..... in the (broadcast) studio

    please excuse my "gibberish" english .....
    friendly greetings from CentralEurope

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  • OFFLINE/ONLINE I declare my self stupid in advance

    I've never found a clear explanation of HQ Online and HQ Offline codec differences and the usage of each. Could someone enlighten me in 20 words or less!

    Although I've tried converting files to both with DV editing, I'm just starting to seriously edit HDV with the new system, and thought it might be a valuable thing to know.

    I'm having a bad synapse week!