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Edius 5 export and rendering question

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  • Edius 5 export and rendering question

    hi Guys. Just a few question regards new edius 5. I have been using edius 4.61 and exporting using pro coder. I simply used to export from timeline and created a m2p file in 720 576 25p 16:9. I had option in VBR to adjust the size as to make sure file would fit on 4.7gb dvd. I am currently exporting file using new built in exporter and just need a little help. Instead of creating file it now renders, is that the same as exporting and how do you know the files will fit on dvd as before. I look forward to your response. rob

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    just upgraded to v5 myself and also found that one a bit confusing first time round. Choose 'export to file' as you used to in v4 and you get a list of export file types to choose from. pick the one you want (mp2 or whatever) and that appears in the right hand side of the box, double click on the chosen type and it opens a save box with all the settings you need to change CBR-VBR, bitrate etc.



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      Just curious of export size

      Thanks for that. Just curious though, when use to export in version 4 I used the procoder built in and I could adjust the bitrate settings and it would predict end result size before actually exporting. For example. I just exported a 1 hr 40 minute dvd and the size was 3.1gb. Now before in procoder I could set the bitrate and adjust until happy ending with a m2p around the 4. 5 gb size ready for authoring. Any ideas would be great, maybe a simple caculation I could use to set VBR . VBR 2pass is what I used in pro coder.
      I know once I get used to this it will be great. thanks


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        Originally posted by Brookes View Post
        ... Any ideas would be great, maybe a simple calculation I could use to set VBR .
        This Bitrate Calculator is great :)



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          thanks, works great