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    I have been shooting live music events. Typically I will record the audio from the soundboard to my XH-A1 XLR inputs and an Edirol R09 digital recorder. My XH-A1 is recording tapeless to a FSC Firestore DTE. In this instance my FSC missed a couple of frames as it was creating the next consecutive Fat 32 file. When I sync the Edirols track with the XH A1 track there are a few frames missing.
    What is the best way to deal with the video/audio "gap"?

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    sync your tracks as usual. use a shot of the audience to cover the gap.
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      Yes, that is one way and I actually run another camera as well and can use that footage. But I guess I was thinking of filling that gap with additional frames slow motion does. That way I'll have continuous video that can't be inadvertently moved.... since there isn't any head/tail room between the two firestore clips.


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        Originally posted by SRsupport
        use a shot of the audience to cover the gap.
        Best and fastest way to mask these kind of problems :)

        If you don't have much audience footage and are afraid your viewer will notice the possible repeat, you can always zoom & pan left or right a bit, and if the footage allows it use it in mirror (or reverse speed), this works most of the time.


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          Might want to reverse the shot (-100 speed)...make sure the blinking of the people doesn't look awkward.