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  • OT - DVD workshop help?

    I have an ongoing problem I can not figure out. I have a client that has provided me with a jpg that he wants for the main menu screen. It looks fine in photoshop and DVDW. When I burn the disk it looks terribly fuzzy. I have tried:

    Making the jpg smaller
    Making the jpg 768x576
    Making the jpg settings to rectangular pixels vs square.
    Saving the jpeg as a bmp, psd, png……

    Still nothing. Does anyone know of any way to have the menu not come out blurry,

    Thanks in advance,

    Dano (going crazy)

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    what size is the "original"jpg as delivered from the client.?
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      What program are you using to reduce/change the size of the jpg?

      Also, what is the "content" of the image? If it encompasses very fine detail (fine lines, graphs, very small text etc), you will lose that detail when you convert to SD. What looks good on a high-resolution computer monitor, may look less than desirable on an SD TV screen.
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        Stating the obvious, but have you tried the actual Corel/Ulead product forums??