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    I know you can try to repair a corrupt project in Edius, but is there
    a way to repair a corrupt project in Rex Edit.

    Here's the scenerio:

    A friend of my suddenly developed an issue with a Rex project that was constantly gliching. I was advised to do a System Restore to before the problem started. The system restore worked and the project was glich free but, all the effects titles and clips in the bin
    all dissapeared and the job was 99.9% free.

    I can't understand for the life of me why doing a system restore would wipe out the information in the project.

    Anyone have any ideas? thoughts? suggestions?
    effect,titles bin clips all missing.

    PS... I did undo the system restore but the results were the same
    the effect,titles bin clips all missing. I told my friend GET EDIUS!!!

    Thank you for any insight
    Using Edius 6