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How to save SD files to Blu ray with quality

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    For quality and compatibility I use TAIYO YUDEN hard coat watershield, white gloss ink jet printable. To date these do not come in dual layer. I use TMPGenc Xpress to encode SD from the HQ or HDV master, VBR 2 pass. For the theatre programs that I do that vary between 1 hour 50 mins and 2 hours 15 mins this encodes just fine for the low movement productions with average data rates between 4.3 and 5 mbps AC3 audio. These will playback from the PS3 upscaled to my plasma looking very similar to the Bluray discs except of course that I do not like the deinterlacing to 30P that for me creates terrible motion even for things that don't move much !!!! You can tell I really hate 24p!!!!

    Ron Evans
    Ron Evans

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      Thanks again everyone

      So just going back over these there is some quality loss from DVCpro25 (probably more if I use DVCpro50) but it can be reduced by using dual pass, vbr and high bitrates (ulead which I already have seems to do max 7000kbs - must check the edius direct DVD export function settings)

      Ulead seems to not allow 16:9 SD Blu rays without letterboxing - has anyone seen a patch for that?

      Dual layer disks give more room on DVDs (not filming long amounts of vision so that would be OK)

      I may need to try another authoring program to allow 16:9.

      Not that I need to do this but someone suggested short amounts of Blu ray can also be put on a DVD

      The PS3 idea is really interesting must check that out but the other end would also need a PS3.

      Just to add to the confusion I had a friend look at the program who knows a lot more than me and he thinks it’s hard to tell how the vision looks without playing it on a non computer TV. I must admit the DVD does look Ok on the CRT. Can’t play the Blu ray on the TV at this stage looking at how it would go out of the graphics card to the CRT or whether the LCD screen does in fact support TV quality playback which it may and if so whether it has to go in on a HDMI input.

      Best regards Lloyd


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        While you can put a short HD material on DVD - no DVD player will play them in HD.
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          Just about out of questions on this but the DVD print function in edius seems very good I wonder if there will be a blu ray authoring function / patch / plugin / update at any stage to write directly to Blu ray as the DVD function does?