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How to export in a certain format?

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  • How to export in a certain format?

    I can't find any answers to export:

    - If I wanted to export to file in WMV mode, and a finish size IE: 1280X200
    for a sake of example, but not necessery the correct size.....
    Can't find anything in the export mode to adjust. My footage is 1440X1080(p)

    Another question:

    - Does Edius-5 can write out a file in MP4 or H.264 codec?
    Did I miss that option in the export function somehow?
    I don't see it anywhere....
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    click the enable conversion in the first window you get when you export.
    This will make available all the presets.
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      thanks Steve :)


      Sorry for the late reply but I had my system down.

      Not sure where that first window function can be enabled.
      It's grayed out and nothing can be adjusted.
      Tried a few times and different settings, but can't get to adjusting the size of output I want.

      Once I managed to (don't know how) to set it to 1200X425 or something close to it but it still put out a 1200X1080 size with black borders.
      For that, it can be done on timeline and that's not really what I need :)
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