Hi all, I'm having a problem with our new Edius 5.01 system. The audio levels are considerably lower when digitizing in from tape. I'm using the breakout box, with XLR input.

I recorded some tone onto tape and it correctly shows PPM4 when playing into our PPM box. On our older Edius system (running 4.x, but with the same model breakout box and XLRs), its also going in fine at -18 on the digibar.

HOWEVER, on the new Edius machine, it's a lot quieter...struggling up to PPM2 and -36 on the Edius digibar.

I've tried looking through all the settings, to see if they differ at all from the other Edius machine, but they are identical. Any ideas guys? I'm stumped on this one :(


Sorry, problem sorted....cabling error DOH!!