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Here's how to fix Edius crash on export

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  • Here's how to fix Edius crash on export

    Did Edius ever crash on you during export and you can't find the exact place that's causing the crash and you spend hours trying to export bits at a time?

    Here's what I do, little more time but it works great:

    Set the whole timeline to IN and OUT and RENDER the whole timeline (SHFT - ALT- Q)

    Then export the timeline regularly and it should not crash.

    Can't explain why it works, but it does.
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    Earlier I also have such troubles with crashing. Problem was with some sound (it wasn't VBR, only were files mp3 CBR, or uncompressed 48 kHz 16 bit).
    I solve it exporting individually audio and video streams into two different files.
    Depending on percentage indicator, when Edius crash, I disabled few audio’s on timeline. If after that export goes fine, then problem is fixed, and disabled audio must be resampled or uncompressed in, for example, Adobe Audition.
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