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    I am recording on a SONY-DSR-PD170 camera into two audio channels. How do I make them one audio channel in Edius? I want to be able to export the audio so that it is in one channel and the audio isn't separated into the left and right. When I import the video it makes the audio all on one track and still has the audio separated.

    Here is an example. Once you get past the intro you can hear what I am talking about.

    Here are my import settings:
    Frame size : 720 x 480
    Frame rate : 29.97( 30000/1001 )
    Pixel aspect : 0.9000
    Field order : Bottom Field First
    Rate : 48000Hz
    Sample size : 16 Bit
    Channel : 2
    Rendering format : Canopus HQ AVI
    TC preset : 00:00:00;00
    Total length : --:--:--;--
    Over Scan Size : 3 %
    Audio Reference Level : -20.0 dB
    V tracks : 3
    VA tracks : 0
    T tracks : 1
    A tracks : 4

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    WIthout out adjustment EDIUS will pass the audio on the channels it receives it.
    If you want one channel going out on 1 And 2 you have many ways of doing this in EDIUS.

    One would be is that you choose which channel you want to hear mono by selecting clip and pressing At+ enter and choosing either mono 1 on 2 depending on which channel you want to hear at that time.

    A second way to map the audio out of ch1 to 1 and 2
    And ch 2 to 1 and 2 (sequence settings)
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      Thanks that worked. I went to settings > sequence settings > channel map. I made sure that both L and R channels where checked on the layer I was working on.