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    Here are the names of NLE software people quite often ask me about them, e.g. which one is better, which one performs faster, which one comprises more features and functions, etc. I always recommend them to work on Edius. However, please make a rating for the following:
    a) Canopus Edius
    b) Final Cut
    c) Avid
    d) Pinnacle
    e) Adobe Premiere
    f) Sony Vegas
    By the way, I have not rated but only mentioned them randomly.

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    This comparison thing has been done to death - everytime the conclusion is - everyone has their own favourite - personally i love EDIUS and wont use much else unless I need to - My best mate loves PP and he wont use Edius - so whos right - we both make excellent DVDs so its more about what you're personal requirements and tastes are.

    You might as well ask what is the best Car to buy. You will get a similar response.


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      The majority of members using this forum are most likely Edius users either solely or primarily. Getting a favorable response from this forum for other NLE authoring programs will, at the very least, be subjective. Like Mattie mentioned, it really comes down to personal preference.
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        Done to death, with the same outcome...