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from timeline to divx direct?

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  • from timeline to divx direct?

    please my friends can i export from timeline in eduis to divx format ?

    is there any way to do that?

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    I don't know why you are repeating questions but your question has been answered already in this thread:

    Quote of answer:

    Since you have version 4, you need to use the ProCoder Express Wizard.

    Choose by filetype in the wizard, and pick AVI. You will eventually get to a screen that has an 'Advanced' button. Click that, and then change the encoder to DivX (from RGB uncompressed, or whatever the default is).

    You'll need to use the DivX codec's calculator to work out the bitrate needed to make it exactly a certain size.
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      sorry for that but the answer not clear to me because there is not option (from RGB uncompressed) in advanced button to change it to divx

      so i repate it again ???????


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        On dropdown list select divx codec (of course if you have it installed :)
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