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Question about the new Forum "Dokumentation"

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  • Question about the new Forum "Dokumentation"

    very pleased to see this .....

    Dear GrassValley_KH.......two questions

    1) is the above forum the correct place, to post, if I see in the i.e. german manual
    a "absolute nonsen" or "unclear\misinterpretative" german words
    as result from software translation + non native speaker

    2) is the above forum the correct place, to post, if I see in the "localice UI"
    "absolute nonsen" or "unclear\misinterpretative" german words

    i.e. Hirnblättern for a GPU-Effekt in the palette = "absolute nonsen" ... please ask Anton ... he will have fun with this word...
    i.e. "Links" in the DVD Creator on the last "Burn-Tab" on bottom-left side


    Dear (not new) requesting to the manuals ... always the same

    you remember:
    02-14-2008, 06:19 PM
    If things go to plan, you're likely to have your wish granted...but not until the next major release
    Kenneally Harder
    Thomson Grass Valley San Jose

    All times it needs to copy and paste individual words or lines from the english manual
    for translated in \ with a better SW \ human-translator to find the "hint" why
    the german manual is in the one or other detai lmore confusing as helpful.

    at this (for "localice" User) hard time, we have "localice" User-Interface, but no final "localice" manual
    and it needs enduringly to copy \ paste \ translate from the only manual with 720pages.

    On Avids and Adobe-Servers .... Terrasbytes from manuals and knowledge-documents
    all free to copy and paste..... for help other User's to understood and love her NLE-Applikation

    Why make it only GV so difficult, to understood and love her Edius??

    Please excuse my "gibberish" english, ...friendly greetings from CentralEurope
    Last edited by CentralEurope; 02-03-2009, 08:25 PM.
    CentralEurope aka Hans
    voluntary / unpaid moderator from the german GV-forum ... Edius 4.61 up to Edius 9.xx
    i9-7980XE 18cores/36threads - M.2 960PRO 512GB - M.2 970PRO 1TB - div. 2 or4TB disks - 32GB DDR4-3600 - GTX 1080 8GB - Win_10prof
    [the AMD 1950X 16cores / 32 threads = go return because of massive problems, Not only I had these problems]

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    Actual GUI corrections should be posted to the User-reported issues forum, so that they can be passed onto engineering. (Screenshots help!)

    At this stage, we're only collecting feedback on the English documentation (because, in theory, that is what's used in subsequent translations from here onward). To my knowledge, we don't have a German version of the new manual that ships with 5.01 (it's still being worked on).

    But with that said, once it becomes available and if there are any mistakes - post them. I'm not sure what will become of them, but it's worth having them recorded.