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Copying Audio from one channel to another

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    Originally posted by Haddock View Post
    Thank you Anton, I didn't see that the mapping audio was tunable in the sequence properties. IMHO it's the best solution to start, determine wich track is receiving the mono records... and mapping it. Until now I was only using PanPot and balance... that brings the volume also...
    using panpot filter halves your volume
    using sequence mapping keeps volume
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      Originally posted by GrassValley_PS View Post
      Everyone should learn how audio mapping works.
      Also to change channels on clips that are already on the timeline, you can right click, select properties, look on the bottom under channels and select whatever channel you desire.

      Because we work off of the source clip, we can change channels on any clip at any time.
      As an audio person, Edius' audio handling was the maddest thing I'd ever seen. But for the functions Pat has mentioned, it is actually very flexible, if not a bit odd to anyone used to traditional mixer based routing etc.

      It still freaks me out a bit when clips on the same track can be mono or stereo. But it actually really helps for a number of scenarios.

      My advice for any Edius user, would be to get a bunch of media and throw it into a test project and just sit there for a few hours and get your head around the way Edius works with audio. It's defo not immediately intuitive but is quite versatile.

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