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please i need answer about my hard problem ??

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  • please i need answer about my hard problem ??

    first i have many films its format appear "avi" but its size not very big >forexaple long film maby for two hours and its size 720 mega bity
    and i need to take smoe shots of this film and eduis does not accept it

    my big question is how can i do this conversion and easy way of importing
    and exportind

    please i need answer about my hard problem ?

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    Have you try Viagra?
    Just kidding, what do you mean format appear avi? does it have an .avi for an extension? what camera do you shoot with?
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      .avi can be many different things.
      It sounds like this is NOT from a DV camera... 2 hours would be 36 gigabytes.
      Check your files with Gspot and post your findings.
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        If your hard problem has anything to do with Editing you have to explain it a bit because we have no clue.
        Gspot is a good tip, for finding codec issues....
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          720 mb for 2 hrs. seems like Divx AVI


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            " golden viagra "

            my frends . my film it seem compressed by dvix ، but the name of format apparently " avi" not divx....

            my inquiry is how can i insert it in eduis direct ....

            there is method by procoder but it seems to so boring and give me high size

            and me second qestion is how to export it in same quality and same size for example if it was befor conversion 700 mb i need it to be 700 after conversion

            and i will give " golden viagra " for a person who will teach me whether man dnd women



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              DivX import requires that the DivX codec be installed on the same system as EDIUS, and that EDIUS is v4.5x or later. In some cases, audio formats that are unrecognised by EDIUS will also cause an import error.

              You may need to provide people here with screenshot data from the program G-Spot.


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                You can get G-spot here:

                See what codec is being used in video and audio DivX files

                I use it a lot to indentify what kind of video you have.

                Best regards * Ulf * Denmark
                mail to me
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                  thank you verrrrry macth

                  thank you verrrrry macth my friend "UlfLaursen" for your help >>>
                  i did it and succcess with me to import divx to eduis direct

                  and i hope to tell me if there a way to export it in samme qaultiy and size

                  thank you everone