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8 bit Vs 10 bit editing

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    I still have friends who argue with me that using Nikon D3 with 14 bits RAW is NO better than shooting D40 with 8 bits JPEG :-). It is waste of time talking to those folks.

    If EDIUS supports 10 bits, I will jump in head first. Can use HD-SDI capture instead of P2 cards. But, I guess I got to wait for version 10 before I see one.
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      Originally posted by PaulTV View Post
      Flash XDR will record uncompressed 10 bit from the EX1/3 onto compact flash cards in the field - it's just a bit expensive! $6000 ish.

      Flash XDR is only 8-bit. The XDR uses a sony long form GOP to compress data stream to 50-100mbps. ALL mpeg2 is 8-bit. Convergent Design promises 10-bit uncompressed, at some point in the future, but, just not right now.
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        Edius is asking me for 8bit versus 10bit now
        Is 10 always best?

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