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basic edius question

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  • basic edius question

    how do I add all the clips from the bin to the time line without doing each one at a time?

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    You can select as many clips in the bin that you want and move them all at the same time down to the timeline.

    You select posts the same way you select files in windows. :)



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      trouble selecting more than 1 clip from the bin

      I shift select or control select and still can only pick 1 clip from the bin window to move to the time line. Also from the pull down menu when adding a clip I can only pick 1 item. What am I missing?

      Thanks in advance.


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        The bin acts the same way as other Windows applications.

        Just go to the bin, hold control (Ctrl) and start to pick as many clips as you want. Now let go of the Ctrl key, and pick any of the highlighted clips and drag and drop it to the timeline. If you want to select all clips in the bin, do CTRL+A and then pick any highlighted clip and drag it to the timeline.


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          still no go

          my sequence thumbnail and the following clips in the bin window will not stay selected with the ctrl key held down when selected. The sequence thumbnail cannot be moved to the time line as the add to time line command is ghosted. Ctrl A also does nothing but pick 1 thumbnail. My bin window is off to the right side of the tracks.


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            Ok I get it now the clips do not stay red

            Now I see the stupid little frame thing turns white to show you it is selected not the frame staying red like I would expect.


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              Uh are you trying to import a sequence onto itself? You cannot do that.

              Edius works as expected, so I recommend that you read the manual as these are really basic questions.


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                EDIUS won't let you create a sequence loop.

                This means, if sequence A is used in sequence B, and sequence B is used in sequence C...
                1. You cannot use B in A, because A is part of B.
                2. You cannot use C in A, because A (part of B), is part of C.
                3. You cannot use C in B, because B is part of C.