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Why either DVStorm output or OHCI?

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  • Why either DVStorm output or OHCI?

    In an earlier setup I just edited on the screen, using the recorder window to see the result - and could easily show the output on my DVStorm card simultaniously. Now I seem to have to choose before starting a project. Do I go for DV Storm RT or OHCI. I can't have both, it seems. I've tried all sorts of settings, but nothing helps. Choosing Storm RT results only in freeze frames on the computermonitor, although picture's running smoothly on the external.
    I'm using Edius v. 2.5 (yes, it's outdated, but fine for my needs). There is probably a simple solution. Does anyone have one? Thanks, Jesper

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    Edius detects all available options at startup. In your case, you have both the DVStorm card and a firewire port in your computer. The reason why you have a distorted overlay in DVStorm mode is related to your graphic card. Since Edius V2.5 doesn't offer different overly settings you have to modify the Canopus.ini file. The ReadMe file which comes with the driver will guide you through.

    For some graphic cards (GT6600?) there was also a patch available. I'll dig through my archives and let you know.


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      Thanks a lot, Zorro.
      Now, I'm not much of a computerexpert, and .ini files scare me. Would an upgrade of Edius solve the problem, you think? Or switching the whole damn thing to a pc without firewire? regards Jesper


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        Like Zorro said, this sounds like a video card problem. I am not sure upgrading the program would help.

        As for the choices... When any computer has OHCI (Firewire) and a Canopus card installed you will always get the choice of what you want to use.

        You will still get the Storm Firewire and analog output at the same time so this is normal.

        You might try changing the Storm to another slot in the computer and see if that works?

        Sorry I am not more help!



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          Thanks, Mike - and Zorro ...
          I'm a little out of my league here, but I'll try some stuff and be back with more silly questions :) Jesper