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  • Weak Audio

    I have an ADVC50 with a VCR connected to capture and edit my old VHS tapes. I have tried several different capture packages and the audio is weak on all of these. Is there a way to boast the audio? The tapes sound fine.

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    I've used a program called TMPGEnc 4.0 Xpress (Pegasys Software) to increase the volume on avi files. Xpress also has a number of other filters that are very useful with post-processing the captured file. The program will also allow editing, as well as converting the avi to a standard DVD mpeg file.

    There is some overlap with other Canopus products, however, I am not familiar with one that will increase the gain (volume).


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      ProCoder has Volume filter that can do basic volume adjustment on the input or output file. Of course, this is a transcoding process, so it's re-encoding the video too.

      In the poster's case, it might be easier just to get a cheap stereo audio mixer with Line-Out and put that between the ADVC and the VCR.