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Help! No Audio during Playback

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  • Help! No Audio during Playback

    First post after installing Adobe Elements 3.0.2...

    Capturing VHS from a Panasonic AG-1970
    Canopus ADVC-110
    (S-Video to ADVC-110 out to PC via 1394)

    Upon playing Clip (or Timeline)
    -out from PC thru 1394 (to ADVC-110)
    -out from rear of ADVC-110 (via RCA cables)
    -into Panasonic AG-1970 (then out to TV)
    -direct into TV

    I get Video but no Audio from TV.

    I do get sound thru my PC speakers.

    Am I missing something here?
    Is there a setting I forgot about?

    DIP settings on bottom....
    1,2,3,4,6 (OFF)
    5 (ON)

    (tried switching to DIGITAL during playback; still no Audio)

    Thank you!

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    try changing your RCA cables...
    Aristotelis Bafaloukos
    Systems Engineer, Video Editor, 3D Artist
    BEng (Hons), MSc, MBCS



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      ADVC-110 (Playback/Preview Audio Question)

      Discovered that I need to change Audio playback to External Device
      (vs Internal default) under Adobe Elements Project Settings.

      However, I'm curious...

      For those using ADVC-110 to capture analog,
      what is your set-up for previewing?

      I'm getting a strange 'feedback' noise (high-pitch) from TV.

      My set-up:

      1) Playing VHS thru Panasonic AG-1970 VCR (w/TBC)
      (S-Vid, Comp.Audio OUT from RR to FRT of ADVC-110)

      2) Firewire (6-pin) from RR of ADVC-110 to PC

      3) Comp.A/V(out) from RR of ADVC-110(out) to VCR (in)(FRT)
      (VCR input A2)

      4) Comp.A/V(out) from RR of VCR (out) to TV/Monitor (in)

      How do you Capture & Preview what you're capturing as well as what you have in your Project/Timeline?

      Thank you!


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        High-pitched noise on your TV sounds like interference. Make sure nothing power-related is running near or along the video cables, also make sure nothing electrical is near or on the TV as this can cause whine too.

        You're best off previewing with audio and video coming from the same device (either both on PC, or both from ADVC) otherwise things will be out-of-sync.
        I'd go with the ADVC's video/audio output, as that's what your viewer will see/hear.