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ADVC110 Capability: Powerpoint to video

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  • ADVC110 Capability: Powerpoint to video


    Is it possible to use the ADVC110 to convert a Power Point presentation to video?

    I've only used this device for bringing video into my PC from VHS, Camcorders, etc. Never the other way around.

    Any suggestions or tips on what else I can do with this handy device?


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    No, you can't do that as the ADVC requires a compressed DV stream (like what comes out of a camcorder) to decode to analog output.

    The easiest way is to use a graphics card with TV-output capability.

    Alternatively, the recently-released SlingCatcher from Sling Media attaches to your TV and has a software application called Sling Projector, which lets you send the PC screen to the SlingCatcher. This works without a Slingbox, though the SlingCatcher is $300, so it's a bit pricey if this isn't something you're going to do regularly.

    One nice thing on the SlingCatcher is that it supports 480i through 720p and 1080i resolutions, so it's a good way to go if you have a HD display.

    But again, a PC with a video card that has TV-output (newer ones have HD output) is a less complicated way to go.


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      ...back in the SD world, we have the TwinPact100 which can do it (VGA to analog or VGA to DV), but you already have an ADVC110, so that'd be a bit redundant as it does what your ADVC110 does, plus the VGA to DV/analog.

      ...and it costs more than the other solutions I presented. :)


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        Originally posted by LWVideo View Post
        Is it possible to use the ADVC110 to convert a Power Point presentation to video?
        If you just want to view the presentation on a TV in real-time, then use a graphics card with TV-out, as Brandon suggested.

        I suppose it would be possible to capture the TV-out signal and convert it to DV using the ADVC110. I've never tried doing that, but I guess it would work. Not sure if you'd get a good result doing it all on the one computer, particularly if your presentation has CPU-intensive animations -- you might end up with jerky animations or dropped frames.

        It is also possible to export a presentation to video using suitable software. See Tutorial about how to convert powerpoint to dvd and for more general information see Convert presentations to VHS or DVD video.

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