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Premire pro cs3 with adcv 1394

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  • Premire pro cs3 with adcv 1394

    I recently purchased a advc 1394 with bay and I can't capture anything though
    prem. pro cs3. I get a black screen. I'm using XP sp2 with p4 2.6 ghz processor,
    2 gigs of ddr 400 ram. my motherboard is a soyo dragon2 P4I875P. The 1394 App. works but no preview. My jumpers are set for the bay. XP sees the card in device manger and says its functioning properly and lists a new dv imaging devise which is also functioning properly. Can anybody help?

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    A few things to check:
    1) Is the S-Video/Composite setting correct for your connection in the ADVC1394 Controller?
    2) Is Premiere sending a DV Play command to the ADVC1394? Device Control must be enabled, and it must receive a DV Play command.
    3) Is there anything connected to the 4-pin DV connector on the ADVC1394? If so, disconnect it.