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    I have been recording VHS tapes onto my hard drive for the past couple of days using an ADVC 110 and Edius Neo with the default codec. I did not have any problems with the first few, but this last one I tried started cutting out near the end of the tape. The picture would run for about half a second or so and then cut out for half a second or so. I get the impression that the card or the program thinks that no video is being input for that time. I would like it to just record straight through anyway. Is there a way to do this?


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    Does the VHS have macrovision?


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      I actually have no idea what that is. If it has to do with the VCR then it would not be the cause because other tapes have gone through it and into the capture card just fine.


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        Firewire Hookup

        I had a similar issue and i corrected by plugging the ADVC directly into my computer instead o using a hub.


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          It is possible that there is an interruption in the video signal due to an problem with the tape at that position and so Edius is telling the ADVC110 to stop capturing. I'm not sure if there is a way to turn off "device control" in Edius, but if you can that would allow the ADVC110 to continue capturing.

          I (and many others) usually use WinDV to do the capturing, as it is a small, simple, free application for capturing which allows you to turn off device control (untick the little box between the Config and Capture buttons).