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Picture Controller 300 crashes on startup Leopard

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  • Picture Controller 300 crashes on startup Leopard

    Hi All!

    I have an ADVC 300, and Leopard.
    I've been using it for some time now, without any problems.
    The unit worked fine, and the software worked fine as well.

    But some three weeks ago when I wanted to start the app, it crashed immediateley, and I'm unable to start it ever since.

    I click the icon, and a crash message appears immediateley.

    With or without the unit connected.

    Is this some incompatibility with a software update?

    Are you aware of a way to make this work again?

    Best reghards.


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    Have you verified/repaired disk permissions for Mac OS, with the Disk Utility?

    This is a standard practice after installing any Mac OS software updates.


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      I've repaired disk permissions from the Leopard DVD, but no effect.

      Controller still crashes right after start.

      I've even reinstalled Controller, reset preferences, but nothing. I press the icon, and BOOM - error message immediateley.

      I would really need to use this software, so please!

      Leopard version is 10.5.5


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        I'll have to look into it when I am back in the office next week. It's possible that something was broken with the new 10.5.5 update released last month.

        I assume you're using the DMG package off our web site?


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          I've reinstalled it from the file I've got from here.

          Thank you for your attention!


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            Well...I've established that it works under 10.5.5 (with my trusty little iBook).

            What type of Mac are you running yours on?

            Does the ADVC300 function at all? Tried another computer?
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              The unit works well without the software.

              I can convert both ways as I should, it's just the software.

              I didn't try another comp, I'll do it, and let you know.