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looking for a capture card

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  • looking for a capture card

    hello all

    maybe you know something about what i am looking for...
    I am looking for a 4 inputs video capture card. I want to compress the video into MPEG2 files.
    Resolution768 X 576
    Frame rate 8000.
    I need it to have composite connections (video and audio)

    so far i only found cards like that for security camera and i want something more professional.

    the closes i got was the card: DRC-2000xs by the company Digital Rapids but it only has 2 inputs.

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    Check out the video conversion products here:
    DVC laptop: W870CU i7; 17.3" 1920x1080; 2x 1TB 7200rpm SATA notebook drives; Edius 8.5WG; Windows 7.


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      the thing is i have Canopus card today and the problem with it is that i cant remote from another computer to it because it is video overly. so i assume all their card are like that.


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        Yes. Not using video overlay eats up significant resources. ProCoder, however, can be set not to use video overlay, however.