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Print to tape using ADVC700 (frame accurate)

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  • Print to tape using ADVC700 (frame accurate)

    Dear All,

    Right now I'm using DVStorm 2 Pro. Then I have a project. The master tape is DVCAM but output is Betacam SP. And I need to make it frame accurate.
    e.g. 00:59:00:00-00:59:39:24 -------Color Bar
    00:59:40:00-00:59:49:24 -------ID Card
    00:59:50:00-00:59:59:24 -------Blank
    01:00:00:00-01:48:05:00 -------Film
    So I need a converter that can convert DV signal into RS422 signal. After some research, I've found out the product that suitable for me is ADVC700. But I'm not sure it will work. Is it really as easy as print to tape to DVCAM? Is the picture quality will be drop? Anybody ever done this before? I'm looking forward for the answer. Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards,


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    As long as your Beta SP deck doesn't disallow anything, it should work fine.

    RS422 device control and timecode will be translated to/from DV device control and timecode, so the Beta SP will "look" like a DV deck to your DVStorm and will be controlled as such.