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TwinPact100 Drops in output

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  • TwinPact100 Drops in output

    Ι bought the same product ( twinpact100 ) and i am trying to get to work properly by playing dvd/avi/mpg ...with my computer and watch the via hcomposite out or the s-video on a standard tv monitor and all i see is good quality video regarding the colors etc but with "drops". As if there was a bit "strobe" effect by percentage of 20%.BUT when i use edius the preview window is ok on my monitor. Why?

    I have connected the twinpact as follows: Vga (rgb out) >twinpact100 > pc monitor and i use the composite/s-video out for the tv monitor.

    I've tried media player classic , windows media player , vlc player, bsplayer etc.I've set the media player to run in full screen and 800x600 etc resolutions but...all the same! can you please help me?

    i work for a small tv station and i am trying to build a small playout server for our dvd-videos.

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    Sounds like your computer is not keeping up with the realtime conversion to DV.

    The DV signal coming to the TwinPact100 must be real-time, otherwise you will get stuttering like you describe.

    Try playing a DV AVI with WinDV. It should play smoothly.


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      WinDv is only for capture right? i want to play any kind of video with my computer ( apart from capturing dv video ).How can i play for example .vob files?


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        WinDV can both capture and output.

        You can only play DV/DVCAM out of the TwinPact100, so whatever you use to play back must decode the source video then real-time transcode it to DV.

        If you want to get general video output from various sources, use a graphics card with TV output.


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          I understand now. So...if i capture 6 hours ( let's say ) dv/dvcam video from my sony dsr-45 deck i 'll be able to play it using any kind of player...right?


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            As long as it plays out the DV stream through the Firewire port, then the TwinPact100 will decode the DV stream and play out through the S-Video/Composite video outputs.


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              Actually sorry... There is another way.

              If your play can play full-screen, full-motion on the VGA, then you can set the TwinPact100 to RGB In and it will produce both DV and S-Video/Composite output.

              Since the output is standard video refresh (60 Hz for NTSC, 50 Hz for PAL), it is best to configure your PC monitor refresh rate to the same. This will avoid tearing and judder.


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                Thank you...i'll try it today...