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  • ACEDVio question

    I just picked up a ACEDVio. I am doing a widescreen project in Premiere Pro 1.5 mostly of still pictures. I get output to the TV, but it is not widescreeen. Will the ACEDVio output to widescreen? I am connected S-video from the ACEDVio card to the TV. Could it just be a setting on my end that I need to change?

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    Is the TV widescreen? If not, does it have a 16:9 setting in the TV menu options?


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      Yes it is a widscreen TV. It is a HD TV which I do not think should make a difference since I am connected with S-video.


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        In that case, there should be a button on the TV remote to switch the Aspect Ratio. The signal that comes out of the ACEDVio card will be 16:9 anamorphic (720x480 PAR) - if the TV doesn't figure this out, then you need to tell it to stretch horizontally.


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          Thanks for the obvious easy fix. I can't believe I did not think of it. Is there any future plans to add HDMI output to a card like this?


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            Not that I am aware of. Japan's branch has only just launched their first HDMI product - but it is input only.