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  • ADVC300 or other?


    My old DVStorm card is history so I now work totally 'software based' editing using Premiere Pro2. I have a JVC mimDV deck that works great via Premiere Capture but occasionally, I have the need to capture from an analog source (VHS or even DVD content at times).

    Not wanting to purchase yet another "last card you'll ever need to own" video capture card who's manufacture stops support it after 2 or 3 years so you'll be pushed toward their 'new series' card, I want to just pick up an Analog to Digital converter. So, iIt seems the ADVC300 may be a good box to have. According to the sales hype: “image enhancement technology including digital noise reduction and image stabilization using Line Time Base Correction (LTBC), ADVC300 instantly cleans, stabilizes and preserves old VHS and Hi8 videos in clean DV format.” Maybe that is all sales hype, but it sounds good.

    So, is the ADVC300 the best 'bang for the buck' or would the ADVC55 or 110 do just as well?

    Are there any pitfalls with expecting a good clean conversion of analog to DV using this type of box?



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    There are plenty of threads (mainly in the other ADVC forum) which look at comparisons between the ADVC300 and other units such as ADVC110. Do a search.

    For example: showthread.php?t=4864