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  • Which ADVC?

    I currently capture video from VCR/TV to PC using a video camera with passthrough. Software used is scenalizer for capture & premiere for editing etc.

    What ADVC device will allow me to eliminate the camera from this scenario and maybe help cleanup non-protected video?

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    Any ADVC box with Timebase corrector will do, remember, the more you get towards full frame TBC the cleaner your capture will be.
    Which model depends solely on your wallet.

    p.s. using a yc vhs player will also help a bit, even if the original footage is not s-vhs.


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      Well I'd pay extra for the ADVC 300 if it produced a better output but in reality would the 55 or 110 do pretty much the same thing? Where I live the 110 is not much more than the 55 but the 300 is twice as much again.


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        I have no experience with these boxes, and as from the forum here (do a search) lots of hick-ups & small problems etc.

        For this reason (long time ago) I decided to get a DVStorm card, search for it on e-bay, as for now I'm using the NX card, very happy with it.

        I can not give advise which box is good and which is not, maybe PM some of the users on the forum, if this is a little bit more than a hobby I would advise you to get a proper capture card, it will save you lots of head ache.

        As you can see from my system spec's, this is my rig at home, purely for hobby (not making any money with it) it grew with the years, as for my work I'm using a much lower spec'ed DVStorm 2 system (which still runs very well), it all comes down to what quality you want, ease of work, no headaches and $$$


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          The ADVC-300 has TBC and filtering features to ensure the best quality from tape sources, which the 55 and 110 do not have. Which is why the ADVC-300 is at its price.

          A comparison chart can be found here: