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How do I reset a deck-halt command

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  • How do I reset a deck-halt command

    I have just bought a Canopus ADVC55 analogue-to-digital converter. Its operation is only intermittant. Worked fine straight out the box converting 3 hours of home recorded VHS tape without dropping a frame using WinDV for digital capture.

    Next time I tried to use it the status indicator would not change from red to green as Windows XP booted up. The ADVC55 unit is present in device manager but WinDV can’t find it. Moved unit to another machine and the same thing happened. Worked once then stopped.

    One of the three options given in the manual for this behaviour is that the ADVC55 unit ceases DV stream output on receiving a deck-halt command from the computer. I could not find ‘deck-halt command’ in a google search of the web. What is this ‘deck-halt command’ and how can I reset it to see if this is the reason for the ADVC55’s loss of functionality?


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    "deck halt" is the same as device control. The capture program sends device control commands to an attached DV camera to make it play the tape or stop. The ADVC unit is designed to appear like a camera to the capture program and also responds to device control commands.

    You can turn device control off in WinDV by unticking the little box located between the Config and Capture buttons.

    However I don't think this would cause the problems you are experiencing. Have you tried plugging in the ADVC55 to the computer after it has booted up?

    Also, do you have an external power adaptor for the ADVC55? It is possible that it is getting only marginally enough power from the firewire port.