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A problem with ADVC55

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  • A problem with ADVC55

    I bought this device 3 days ago, and now, finally I tried to capture some old VHSs.

    The problem is - when I use the 3 cinches (red, white, yellow) the picture is at very low quality, kind of blurry, and there's a slight black stripe in the top. I've tried several cables, always the same result.

    Next, I plugged the VCR over a S-Video cable. The whole video "shakes", that's even worse than the cinches. I got two S-Video cables, a thicker and a thinner one. When connected over the thick one, video is black and white, and only over the thin it's colored. What causes this? The thick cable was more expensive and the thin was packed with my GPU 2 years ago.

    I tried the same with an older DVD player, just to prove the issue isn't caused by the VCR. It acted the same, so it seems the ADVC converter is bad.

    I currently have about 15 VHS' to capture and store in digital format, they're pretty old already and precious, for me. This is my third analog video capturing device, I've had 2 TV cards before, both didn't work well. After realising there's no TV capture card fully compatible with Vista, I bought this device. Oops; doesn't work too.

    Might it help, If I used an external power supply for the ADVC55? There is that option (DC IN) but no DC adaptor was included. I have actually no clue where to get one (with 5V output).

    Is there anything I should try before reclaiming the product?
    Thank you.

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    Sounds like your thin cable may be defective. One pair of lines is Chroma, the other is Luma, so the Chroma line might be broken.

    Ideally, you want to use S-Video for SVHS tapes, and Composite (cinch) for VHS tapes. Either way, you want to use good quality, shielded cables, and no longer than you actually need. Shorter is better. Also keep the cables away from power supplies, TVs, radios, cell phones, and anything that carries power.