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ADVC-110 No DETECT en system

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  • ADVC-110 No DETECT en system

    Hello I bought a new ADVC-110 in a distributor of germany, Technology & Thomas Wagner Holger Jost GbR, the problem is that only speak Spanish translation and this is largely insulated from google.

    The device is not detected in my Imac24 core duo2 aluminium, Imac20 core duo white, or macbook.
    with 6-pin FireWire.
    led the status was lit and then will go out to connect the FireWire cable,
    after many tests, now led the status stays lit but still does not detect the MacOSX-leopard,
    and led the digital-in and anolog-in also are lit and with the input select button does not select.
    but the system remains undetected in new hardware or Imove08 FCP.
    and the profile System>> hardware>> Fireware, does not appear as the device detected only speed bus.

    I've changed all modes of the switch without getting anything.

    the system does not recognize the device.

    I'm sorry I speak only Spanish
    help, help
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    Try connecting the devices with everything turned off, and then power up the mac, and then the camera.

    If you're still getting two lights, no matter what you try, it's time to call tech support to arrange an RMA.


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      I make the signs,
      and when you turn the imac, still without lights lit the three niguna response.
      the device does not detect the system profile.

      I am Spanish, as I contact technical services in my language, I do not speak either English or German.


      the dipositivo I can return to distibuidor of germany confirmed with the seller. OK

      Ps: the same solution, some kind of reset with some convinacion switch and input? if there is solution should not be sending it to the seller.


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        Are you able to communicate with your reseller/distributor? They might be able to arrange an RMA with you directly.

        The "all lights on" issue does happen from time to time, and typically all that needs to happen is a quick RMA to get things fixed.

        (you can also try and e-mail [email protected], which is our EU support address)


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          the advc110 has been purchased from a seller of germany by ebay,
          my hardware problems, contact them by email and have failed to give me a solution, I refer to return the product, which is why I spoke to you I have received from them this email:

          (((We have no experience with apple and the advc. Please send us the parcel back and we will send with paypal)))

          I think that may have a solution, and I'm trying, if you will not have to return ..

          thank you, thank you.

          PS: that is RMA?

          PS-2: can have a solution?


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            RMA = Return Merchandise Authorization.

            This is the term used to return a faulty item to the manufacture for repair or replacement.

            If you contact our office in Germany they can arrange for an RMA for you direct: [email protected]


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              thank you very much.........