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  • ADVC-55 Compatible Softwares

    I'm trying to locate a video-tuner software that works with ADVC-55 that would allow me to watch, not record, tv or game systems at a fast refresh rate (hopefully no lag at all due to games) and plays in full screen. I'm lucky to find anything that even detects audio.

    Does anyone know of such software?

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    I'm trying to understand your workflow here - what external device are you plugging into the ADVC55 on the analog side? A VCR? A game console?

    Is the idea to use your computer as the video screen (in lieu of a television)?

    You might be able to use WinDV.


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      Currently, an XBox 360. and yes, exactly. I wish to use my monitor as the screen.

      and WinDV doesn't offer that good a quality when enlarged to full screen. it seems designed to record video rather than just watch it. I don't wish to make avi files of what I see.

      I have found a software though that fits my needs. it's called AVS TV Box. designed to either record, or simply watch. great quality in full screen, and no lag in the video I can see.


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        Cool. And I might just keep a tab on that solution you've found, for the future. :)


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            Thanks! This will come in handy.