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ADVC-100 7-pin mini-DIN pinout

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  • ADVC-100 7-pin mini-DIN pinout

    The ADVC-100 has a rather non-standard 7-pin mini-DIN connector (it's not on the ADVC-110). I was wondering if anyone would answer some questions for me.

    I use that special video connection exclusively. The instruction booklet says that best performance is obtained by using the converter cable provided by Canopus.

    Well ... after several years, my little converter cable is worn and needs to be replaced.

    I want to buy a new one but, of course, Canopus probably doesn't supply it. If Canopus no longer sells replacement power supplys for the ADVC-100, I'd have to guess it would be next to impossible to get one of those little adapter cables.

    That's okay, though. There's several variations available on the web. I just need to know which ones I can use.

    That 7-pin mini-DIN connector is not standardized. It is used frequently by video card makers and audio card makers who provide "break out" boxes for their cards.

    There are some "accepted conventions" about how the thing should be wired if it's used for video but there is no assurance that Canopus followed any conventional methods of wiring that connector.

    So, I need to know the pinout so I can buy another cable online.

    In the instruction booklet, that connector is called "S-VHS" but on the hardware device, it's labeled only as "video." Other S-VHS connectors on the hardware are labeled "S-VHS" but that special 7 pin mini-DIN is labeled as only "Video."

    In some applications, that 7-pin connector is used to carry composite, S-VHS, and Component (RGB) signals. So, it's possible that Canopus did, in fact, wire the female jack to carry S-VHS (I'm sure it's not wired to carry RGB).

    If Canopus wired that jack to carry S-VHS, then I want to buy a replacement cable that has a yellow RCA composite connector and a S-VHS connector in a "y" configuration to that 7-pin port labeled "video" on the hardware. The original "converter cable" supplied by Canopus only has a composite connection. When I buy a new cable, however, I'd like to open up the S-VHS capabilities of that 7-pin Mini-DIN with my new adapter cable if Canopus did, in fact, wire the female jack to carry S-VHS.

    So, my 2 questions actually are:

    1. Will a Canopus guru give me the pinout of that jack? (Pinout is a term used by electronics technicians to describe the wiring arrangement or the wiring schematic of a jack or plug.)

    2. Is that 7-pin jack labeled "video" on the ADVC-100 actually wired to carry S-VHS to the hardware circuitry or is it only wired to carry composite signals?

    Yes, I could open the case and try to discover on my own but I've never had to open it and I don't really want to do that now. I could also do some experimenting with a multimeter to discover some of what I need to know but it seems that really, this information should be readily available through Canopus.

    Anyone got any answers? I'd thoroughly appreciate it.

    If you're not tired of reading and if you want to know why I'm one of the very few who use that port, here goes: If I use any other connection on my ADVC-100 for composite video, I have problems getting ScenAlyzer to stream the video in for capture. ScenAlyzer always recognizes the ADVC-100 on the firewire bus. It does that 100% of the time. But, I have a hard time getting the ADVC-100 to stream the video to ScenAlyzer ... unless ... I use that propietary non-standard 7-pin connector on the ADVC. If I use that 7-pin connector for video, then ScenAlyzer will recognize the video stream immediately and 100% of the time. It makes life a lot more fun if I can just turn on the converter and get to work without having to connect and reconnect things just to get video in the preview window of ScenAlyzer.

    Why does this happen? I don't know. I guess it's because the ADVC-100 has a certain connector priority programmed into it and it must be giving priority to video streams entering through that 7-pin mini-DIN.

    On top of that, however, using that video port keeps my desktop clear of cable clutter. On this ADVC-100, I use the provided 3.5mm mini-jack for audio-in because it's on the rear and I use that 7-pin mini-DIN for video because it's on the rear. In this way, everything enters the ADVC-100 from the rear and my desktop is clear. I like it.

    Sorry this is so long. I'm just afraid that without proper explanation, Canopus is going to trash my post quickly by saying, "I'm sorry, this is propietary information to which we will not respond."

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    No fear of trashing, but I think you're probably going to have a much better time of things by contact Technical Support - if they can't get you a cable, they should certainly be able to provide you with an alternative means of getting a cable. (ie. pinout)


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      (Couldn't just type OK ... forum engine told me 10 characters or more are required.)

      BTW: Just got 2 cables from an online supplier. They don't work. Thought they did but they don't. I'll contact tech support and see what they will tell me. Either Canopus veered from standard or the manufacturer of these cables veered from standard. Either way, I just wasted $20. I'm too poor to keep trying things. Tech support! Help me! I'll call 'em Monday.

      If they don't help, I'll have to crack the case of this old ADVC-100 to see what's up. It's about the only thing in my house that hasn't required a hack or a repair. I hate to mess with it.

      We'll see what happens. If tech support gives me any useful information, I'll come back to post.
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        Tech support and operations should both have plenty of those cables lying around..

        (and yes, they're wired differently to the similar cable that used to be bundled with video cards that had TV Out)