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ADVC1000/3000 RS-422 Port.

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  • ADVC1000/3000 RS-422 Port.

    I am looking for an ADVC1000 or ADVC 3000 conversor for transferring EDIUS footage from a notebook to a BETACAM digital. Both conversors have a RS-422 port to control the VCR, but the specificacions are confising:
    "ADVC1000 converts DV device control signals to RS422, to control an external VTR. Such control makes it possible to take in data from professional VTRs such as Digital Betacam from any standard DV editing software that features DV device control."

    Does it means that RS422 is only usefull for transferring video from VCR to editing software, or can I also use RS422 also for transferring video from EDIUS to VCR whit frame accuracy?