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XP going crazy with ADVC-55

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  • XP going crazy with ADVC-55

    Hello folks..........

    Does anyone knows why Windows XP keeps poping a dialog saying
    that your hardware is ready to be use ?

    I try to capture with Premiere Elements 4 and Premiere Pro CS3 and
    they both crash after a couple of captures.

    Then I installed the Roxio Capture, and it dint crash, but stops
    recording every few minutes, at that time I noticed the Windows
    Dialog poping up or just there next to the clock.

    This is a Windows XP Pro with SP2.

    Seens like windows keeps detecting the ADVC-55 over and over
    without ever stopping.



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    Sounds like maybe there's inadequate power being supplied by your Firewire bus. Unless you're using the optional power supply?


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      Thanks for the reply.

      No I am using the 6 pins cable.

      Can be the firewire card ?


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        Faulty ports and/or cables can cause this to occur. Something as simple as a loose connection that constantly breaks the link.

        Do you have another port or cable you can try? Or perhaps even another computer to just quickly plug it into?


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          Its well known that sp2 has a firewire fault build in, it can cause many strange thing. Ofcause your problem could be a bad cable.
          Anyway try this patch from microsoft...doing the install it will tell if you
          need the patch or not.

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            I believe I did that patch before I become a member here, I read that
            some place.
            The cable is the one that came on the box with the ADVC55
            As far as I know, the video stream never stop nor the light on the ADVC
            normally something happend and then Windows responds or re-acts to whatever.

            In this case, seens like Windows just keep detecting the ADVC, not all the time
            but every now and then.

            The ADVC is permanently connected to the firewire card, and I do have the
            Disk Protection On all the time.

            I was thinking, removing the disk protection, remove the fire wire from the ADVC
            put back the Disk Protection ( Box not connected ) then connect the cable.

            Now everytime your turn on the pc, windows will detect the box and do whatever
            it needs to do.

            I wonder if that stops Windows.


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              I just noticed, and now I remember this from the beggining when
              I purchase the Firewire Card.

              If you look on "My Computer" on Hardware->Device Manager

              You will see under IEE 1394 Bus Host Controllers
              an " OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller"

              However, if you keep looking down, then you see
              under Network Adapters a " 1394 Net Adapter"

              Is this correct ? Does NOT sounds right to me.......


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                That's normal. Windows XP will allow FireWire ports to act as a network interface.

                This feature was removed in Windows Vista.


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                  The Windows Dialog

                  Here is a picture of the Window's Dialog that keeps
                  popping up, that's my own website.


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                    Do you have access to another computer running FireWire?


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                      No I dont. That's the problem, cant test & compare.

                      I do have another computer on the shop ( Bench ) that I use
                      with my Schematics / Service Manuals and related stuff.

                      ( We repair Audio-Video & Computers, we have a small home business )

                      I was thinking on getting another firewire card and do some tests.

                      Also I wonder if I could do all this with the Windows Server 2003
                      ( A different Operating System ) and see what happen.

                      If I ever get a good clue / solution, I will start a new Thread about it.

                      Whatever the case I want to say 1000000 of thanks for talking to me.

                      Is there any Good Firewire that would you recoment ?


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                        I've no recommendations, but any contemporary card should be fine (and relatively cheap). Just make sure it's a genuine IEEE 1394 card, and not something like a combination soundcard or similar.

                        I don't recommend Windows Server 2003 - not only is the ADVC range not tested nor recommended, but multimedia applications can often be problematic to run on this platform.


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                          Originally posted by GESYMSB
                          Thanks for the reply.

                          No I am using the 6 pins cable.

                          Can be the firewire card ?
                          It seems like a power problem...
                          Is your card "bus powered" or has an extra power connector?
                          If it has, use the extra connector.
                          You may have to switch some jumpers.


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                            Well I did a test this morning, but let me explain.

                            Before I installed my Abobe Programs, I split my Hard Drive in two
                            thinking on dedicating a "PC" ( Hidding Partition ) just for the
                            Video Production.

                            Everything was on hold waiting to receive my ADVC-55, when I got it
                            I set it up and tested as you have read above ( Previous Posts )
                            and the problem on the "Main Partition / PC "

                            This morning I decided to switch to the other "HIDDING PARTITION" OR
                            PC, I got a minimun of things installed here, but I do have Premiere Pro
                            CS3 and Encore, ready for action.

                            I managed to CAPTURE different clips, and windows NEVER INTERRUPTED
                            the capture nor CRASH the programs !

                            So IN THIS WINDOWS, EVERYTHING IS OK !

                            Something on the main PC ( Partition ) is causing that problem.


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                              Once Again

                              I just want to let you know that again I went to my
                              "Video Production Partition" and toke plenty clips ( Capture )
                              with Premiere CS3 Pro, and not even for 1 single milisecond Windows
                              got on the way / nor crashed the program.

                              Again, everything went EXCELLENT !