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  • ADVC Picture Controller interface

    Does anyone know if there is any thought of updating/improving the ADVC 300 Picture Controller interface? Without any numerical levels, abilitiy to create presets, etc, it is difficult to get consistent results as I bring different VHS tapes onto digital. Topics (kids sports, etc) seem to work well with certain settings, but then if I need to bring in a different type of topic, I have no reference to use to go back to the first settings I used.

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    It's been many years and an update has been requested often, so I don't think it's going to happen.

    I wrote a little companion utility to save and load Picture Controller presets, which helps but it is not as nice as an updated app would be:



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      ADVC update beta somewhere

      A beta which could save/load numerical presets was available at one time through the UK office. I once had a copy that worked perfectly but I have since lost it.

      However, this beta never seems to have made its way into the official pipeline. Perhaps someone at GV could search it out and re-issue it.

      AFAIK it was a fairly simple programming job to create an extra form which reads and saves the slider values.
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