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ADVC-55 and Windows XP

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  • ADVC-55 and Windows XP

    Hello Folks.......

    I got my ADVC-55 always connected to my Firewire Card.
    I works perfect.

    The Problem is that my Windows XP SP2 does not detect the hardware.

    I have to remove the firewire and put it back, then Windows shows
    the found new hardware Message.

    Is there a way to fix this, so I dont have to keep plug and unplug the
    firewire from my ADVC-55 ?


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    Not running any other FireWire devices?


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      ADVC-55 and Windows XP

      Thanks for responding so quick !

      No, the ADVC is the only thing connected, however, this morning
      when I turn on the pc, Windows DID detected.

      I did a re-boot, to see, and again, Windows did detected.

      So will see, I found a post here and other places, saying
      that SP2 creates a problem with Firewire Connections.

      I found a page on Microsoft about that, but I had NOT installed
      And since is working ok then leave it as it is.

      But, can you tell me about that ?

      10000000 of thanks


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        Actually, Service Pack 2 for XP contains a hotfix that Microsoft had to make, just for ADVC products. :)

        But there may have been other general OHCI IEEE 1394 FireWire stuff that needed patching as well.