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Capturing Internet Audio with ADVC 110

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  • Capturing Internet Audio with ADVC 110

    1. Is what I want to do possible, and

    2. How do I go about doing it?

    I've found a sound file online which plays only through the Flash Player provided on the site or through Real Player. I can't buy the music by any method as no downloadable version is anywhere online and it's from an obscure foreign out-of-print CD.

    I'm playing it through these speakers:,2817,1979229,00.asp As you can see, they have AUX and earphone jacks.

    My questions are, can I connect one or both of those jacks to the ADVC 110 with an AV cable and capture the sound? Will the sound remain digital, or does the unit only convert from digital to analog and vice versa? If I can capture it, can I convert it to MP3 and put it in iTunes? I also want to do the same thing with a midi file. And, how do I go about all the above? Thanks for any advice.

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    What you want to do should work if you can provide a line-level output to the ADVC 110's inputs, but it's convoluted at best.

    Usually you can set your Windows sound hardware to use the Stereo Mix or WaveOut as a recording input.

    I'm not going to comment on the legality.


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      I'm using a Mac which is connected to the ADVC unit for the purposes of putting data onto the computer. I was hoping it would be possible to take it off as well--but, I was sure it would have to come through the jacks one way or other, and of course, the instructions are rubbish which is why I am so glad of these forums.


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        Ahh, you're on Mac. Kenneally (KH) would know more about that side. But yes, at worst case you can play the audio out and take the line output to the ADVC.

        Probably you want to route the audio through the ADVC, so Mac output to ADVC input, ADVC output to speakers.


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          Having tried several methods, should I try this?


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            Have decided to use Audio Hijack Pro for the sound.


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              On a similar topic, I wonder if I can play analog sound through the ADVC 110 into the Mac and save it as files on iTunes? I know when doing this in iMovie, the program has to recognize the Canopus so I wonder what setting to use to make iTunes recognize the Canopus as an input source?

              If it gets too bad, I have to send the analog sources to a friend who has the equipment to make professional-quality CDs but of course this adds up fast and I might want to at least try it this way.


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                To my knowledge, iTunes does not support any form of external audio input - it's purely file-based. So you would need to capture with something else, into a format that iTunes can convert from. (e.g. WAV)


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                  Thanks. I wonder what program that would be. On Apple Support Forums, someone had a similar query so I just posted a reply on theirs.


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                    iMovie? That's what I've used in the past...but that was with version 6 - newer versions look completely different.

                    I could try it again, except I have a new Macbook now, which does not have a FireWire port.