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    I am looking at purchasing a ADVC 700 for my school's video production truck. I have computer system running Adobe Premiere Pro in the truck. We use it for playing back sponsor graphics, sports headshots, commercials... essentially a playback server. Right now I am running firewire out to an ADS Pyro converter. The converter analog output is run through a frame sync to time it properly to the switcher. Sometimes the ADS output is blocky and needs to be reset. I have also tried using it to capture some game replays for play back later in the game and have encountered issues trying to get Premiere to capture with it.

    One of the things I REALLY like about the ADS box is that I can capture analog and play realtime output without having to press any buttons on the box. In other words, I can capture a clip in analog mode, and then play it off the timeline still in analog mode. The DV mode is for capturing or playing back to a DV camcorder, etc...

    I've demoed an ADVC 110 from the athletics department and have found to do what I want I have to continuously jump back and forth between analog and DV to accomplish the same task.

    Since I am dealing with a broadcast level setup in the truck, I am considering the ADVC 700 so I can bypass the need for a frame sync.

    So my question is this: Is the ADVC 700 similar to the ADVC 110 in the need to switch between analog and DV to capture and playback content to the computer?



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    Yes, the ADVC700 works on the same principle with regards to bidirectionality - it's not 'full duplex' so to speak. It needs to be switched between Analog In and Digital In modes, depending on what you need to do.

    Unless things changed recently, I believe this is still manually driven (ie. you press a button, rather than it being software controlled)