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ADVC300 blind capture problems et al

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  • ADVC300 blind capture problems et al

    I've always been a big fan of the ADVC300 and have recently purchased one (used to rent).

    I have a few questions:

    1) The unit I rented was upgraded to the latest firmware, necessary to disable some features (mv) that occasionally mess with the capture on out-of-spec sources. I can't find this firmware update on the official website, where is it located (and what is the latest firmware revision?)

    2) [I do a lot of capturing with a calibrated monitor, carefully using 'Picture Controller 300' to ensure nothing is clipped. However, much of my work now requires that I record in situ, recording the footage on a laptop (with a monitor colourimetry and backlighting that is hard to regulate: I can't trust it). My favourite way to deal with this was to use the histogram feature (available in VirtualDub on uncompressed capture cards) to monitor my settings, ensuring that brightness/contrast put all available shades of gray into my data (to be balanced later with contrast curves). With the ADVC300, this feature is no longer available (crashes virtualdub), I assume because of the DV decoder involved]. Is there software, commercial or otherwise, that allows a histogram view when capturing video?

    Thanks very much.