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How should I remove edge noise (bottom edge)

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  • How should I remove edge noise (bottom edge)

    Apologies for dumb question, but I have just captured my first video using the ADVC 300 (old family VHS tape - PAL format) and used Windows Movie Maker (Vista).

    The result looks pretty good, except there is below the frames a noise / signal type horizontal spiky bar.

    It may be the audio signal maybe? I don't know, just guessing. In any case it shows when I view the movie and although not in the main picture as such, is distracting.

    Is there a setting I should make on the ADVC to get rid of it. Or do I blank off around the picture using a "letter box" to hide it. However, if that is the answer, I don't know how to do a letter box.

    Any advice appreciated.

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    This is normal and happens with any video capture from tape. You don't see it when watching it on TV because of the overscan area (the TV zooms in the picture slightly to chop off the borders). If all you want to do is put the video onto DVD for watching on TV, then there is nothing you need to do as the TV will once again not show the edges. However, if you will be distributing the video for people to watch on their computer then you will need to crop the edges using a video editor.



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      Thank you Ken. This is just the advice that I needed. It's tricky when you are just starting.

      kind regards,