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  • drivers for Windows XP Pro x64 Edition

    Hi, first post here.

    Soon to be proud owner of an ADVC 55 unit. Ordered it yesterday.
    I've been looking at the downloads for this unit, but it's unclear to me which one I will need (if I need one at all).

    My Operating System is
    Windows XP Professional x64 Edition Version 2003 Service Pack 2
    i.e. that's NT 5.2 (Build 3790).

    In my opinion this is also the best desktop OS on the market today (but then; who am I, as a computer user for 20+ years and a system administrator for 14 years?)..

    Also, I have a Conceptronic Ci1394B firewire pci-card in my PC. Hope that feeds the ADVC unit? I have no idea. I see all sorts of stories about firewire not feeding the right power for these units, but I guess I'll just have to see if it works for me.. Anybody using a firewire pci-card with an ADVC55 ?

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    You don't need any drivers, the ADVC-55 is a standard DV device, which are supported by drivers that Microsoft supplies with the OS. If your Firewire port is working and enabled, you should be set.


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      Ah, I figured that much. Thanks!
      Does the ADVC55 do some type of Time Base Correction internally by the way? Or do we really need a TBC for that?


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        The ADVC-300 is the lowest-end model with a TBC.


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          In the end, wouldn't a product like this be much smarter (and cheaper)?

          These pioneers output VHS/Hi8 signal digitally as well as Time Base Corrected, denoised (if wanted), uncompressed and on s-video too if needed. Or you'll burn it to dvd first and then import it on PC.

          But yeah, the converters Canopus uses are probably much higher quality.
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            The ADVC-300 provides quite a bit of control over the audio and video, it is not just a straight A/D converter. I bought it years ago to deal with one particular set of old, degraded VHS tapes so I could make digital copies of the stuff for a friend. That project alone justified the purchase, and the DVDs I was able to make from the files looked better than the VHS source.

            There are certainly other capture solutions, and you'll need to decide what best fits your needs and budget. One thing I would not do if you are concerned about quality is to convert to DVD first, and then try to edit that -- you won't be happy with the results if you do anything but cut and splice.


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              I have successfully been able to change my order just in time. So thanks to you I'm now also getting the ADVC-300, I really need TBC and some more control, since I have a lot of really old twisted Hi8 and VHS tapes I need to convert.

              Thanks for the hint. I was first looking into separate solutions for TBC, but the good ones are not cheap, and since my ADVC55 had not been shipped yet, I could just as well buy the 300 and save some money instead.

              Anxiously awaiting its arrival!